Standing In a Crowded Room

A black and white Subway    When you think about the totality of Manhattan and even the greater New York area, I am struck by how small it is.  Throughout the day I am constantly running from one place to the other. In my head it feels so big. Yet, in a city so small, every once in awhile I get a sense of being in an extremely crowded room while feeling completely alone.

The truth is, New York City has an amazing way of shrinking you down to size.  Maybe it is the extreme amount of ambition, the working city mentality, or maybe just the fast beating pulse of the city. But, it never fails to teach me that big dreams and big goals are not achieved easily.  In a city that never sleeps, most of that time is taken up by work. Sometimes the dedicated work ethic that dominates the city raises the question of how much do you give up for your dream and where is the balance?

I suppose this is the essence that I am trying to create in today’s photo.  There is a certain singularity within the photo.  Seeing a man turned away makes me begin to wonder what kind of day he had.  Was it bad?  Is he tired? Is it really a job or is it something else?  In the end, I find myself wanting to connect with those stories in order to feel less alone in a crowded space.  Let me know what you think!

Till next time,

The Native New Yorker

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