Working, Healing, and Art


Sunny days in the Park

ducks at a pond

I have to apologize for the complete lack of activity The Native New Yorker over the summer.  Unfortunately, I have spent so much time trying to work, go to art class, see friends, and recover from heartbreak that I have been slightly afraid as to what I should post.  But, I have broken my silence!

Most of my time has been spent working and healing.  After dealing with a rough breakup, I took the summer to heal and ultimately to open myself up again to the world and love.  In order to heal, I spent my time looking and finding internships.  When I needed an outlet to express the chaos I felt in my world, I turned to art.  I began an four week watercoloring class that truly made me realize that not everything was completely lost.

Though I am still healing, I can also say that blogging has been and always will be a source of comfort for me.  I have gotten so much pleasure from the hard work and dedication to the blog and my followers. Many thanks to my followers as well, for without you I would feel like talking to a wall.

I have less then two weeks before I go back to school.  Although this is truly sad, I am forcing myself to see these next few days as time really enjoy the city. In addition, because I have not been a good blogger, I am taking these next few days to do my best to document New York City.  I hope you all enjoy it and hope that you continue to follow!


Polly Duddy

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