The Native New Yorker’s Must See: Brigitte Lacombe


Well readers, it has been quite the month for me.  As of late, I have spent most of June dedicating my time and efforts into finding gallery internships.  I have successfully found two. But enough about me, I have an exciting new article to write about a recent exhibition.

Lately, things have been booming in the art world.  There have interesting gallery openings and artist exhibitions that are definitely worth mentioning about.

One of them is Brigitte Lacombe’s new exhibit “Complicities”.  The french photographer’s exhibit opened on June 15th at Philip’s auction house in NYC this summer.  Throughout her career Lacombe has captured the photos of Hollywood’s most iconic stars. Her subjects include Robert De Niro, Gwyneth Paltrow and Martin Scorsese.

In her photos there are deep traces humanity and emotion within each photo. Most of the photos are composed in black and white. The crispness and clarity clearly captures the human emotional spirit within a moment.  In addition, the sharp contrast between light and dark gives the images a air of intimacy.  It is as though we are somehow engaged with the photo.  By simply using black and white she portrays her subjects .  The emotions evoked by her images are not one that can be clearly pinpointed. Throughout each image there is a tour-de-force of nostalgia, mystery, and intimacy contained within the limits of black and white photography.

Where it is the deep contrast between black and white or the emotional closeness one feels when looking the images, it is clear that her unique style grabs her viewer’s total attention. When asked about her approach by Time Magazine she replies, “It’s nothing to do with photography, it’s about what you can establish with as person within a very short period of time.” Overall, her exhibit is one of the must-sees on the Native New Yorker’s list of exhibits to go to this summer. The exhibit is open to the public through July 30th at Philip’s Auction House on East 57th and Park Avenue. Above are images that are featured in her new exhibit

Disclaimer: the photographs do not belong to me and are property of Brigitte Lacombe

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