The Native New Yorker Catches a Bad Case of Writer’s Block

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Hello to everyone who is reading this.  I have been away for too long.  Although I would like to blame my travels from preventing me from writing, that is only half the truth. I have also encountered a long streak of writer’s block.  So, I am simply writing today to tell you about my recent adventures and on my coming adventures.

So before I get too carried away with myself, lets start where we left off.  I have left Europe sadly.  Before heading home though I made a brief week long stop in Russia.  It was truly one of the craziest and eye opening experiences of my life.  Not only did I get to see Canova’s Kiss of Cupid and Psyche The Three Graces (got to cross that off my bucket list finally)  but I got to see Saint Basil’s Cathedral.  I experienced my first trip to the Bolshoi Ballet (another thing to cross off my bucket list). My life has been turned up side down by this experience.

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For most American’s Russia is not the number tourist destination.  But, for me it was.  For me Russia signified a childhood dream of Grand Duchess, Czars, revolution, and an experience to step into eastern culture.  I drank some of the finest Russian vodka, got to Victory Day parade, and finally saw the Catherine Palace.  Through a western lens I had the privilege to experience the vastness of the Russian countryside.

Spending three days in St. Petersburg I was transported through time to the wealth and culture of Russia.  The Hermitage collection that no words can describe.  The collection included several pieces of from Canova, Rembrandt, and Picasso. Every Russian that we met seem friendly and excited to  Even in Moscow, Russian were extremely friendly and helpful.  Many had their opinions on their own culture and history.

Of course, every vacation has to come to an end.  So now I am back in the States.  But, this time I am headed straight towards a very different kind of world.  Specifically, I am heading toward the art world.  Applying to internships has now become the name of the game. I landed a gallery sitting job and was planning on writing about the NYC art world.  Hope you guys keep reading.  Keep reading because this summer should be an interesting one.

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