The Native New Yorker Takes on Rome: Take Me to Church

If there is thing you have to do at least once in Italy is to visit a church.  I mean really we’re talking about the country that help the insane amount of wealth and power of the Catholic church.  From the Vatican to little side churches, the grandeur of the Catholic church still fills the interiors of cathedrals and gorgeous basilicas.  Also, most churches are free and have amazing art work in them.

So lately I have been really getting into churches.  I do not claim to be religious in any sense of the word.  But, when your abroad and you need a place to just be, churches are your best option.  You can spend how ever long you wish in there.  You can sit, think, sketch, or take pictures.  It is that wonderful feeling of just being in a place that no one can judge you (maybe except God).

Down below I posted some pictures of some of the churches I have been to:

1. Chiesa di Santa Maria della Vittoria

This church is house to Bernini’s sculpture the Ecstasy of Saint Theresa.  Although, the famous statue is under restoration, the Baroque church is still stunning.  In traditional Baroque style the grandeur and opulence of the church leaves you breatheless.  It is truly a gem to behold

god's signal Flaming babies Raining Gold Altar

2. Basilica Santa Maria Maggiore

Once again, this basilica is spectacular.  Santa Maria was known the official church that received the Roman Pope.  It is one of the four papal churches that reside in Rome.  In accordance with it’s important role of a papal church, the inside is nothing short of pure beauty.  With a beautiful Byzantine mosaic placed over the altar, the church has wonderful mixtures of Byzantine, Renaissance, and  Baroque elements.

Angels a moment of prayer Thinking Statues Altar maggiore


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