The Native New Yorker Takes on Rome: When in Rome Eat, Sleep, Breathe Art

It has been a bustling time here in Rome.  There is so much that I have done that I cannot begin to comprehend how I even got to where I am now.  I wish I had more to write about but I have been mainly eating, sleeping, and breathing art.

Although I am no Michelangelo I thought maybe I would post some of my sketchings that I have done for my art class.  In addition, I have been further exploring more of Rome and of course documenting some of the highlights.

These were taken inside the Borghese Gardens.  The last picture is of a beautiful sunset over the Piazza Del Popolo.  Piazza Del Popolo is one of my favorite piazzas in Rome.  I have taken way too many photos of the two churches that reside within the piazza.

Near the Borghese

walk in the garden


These two photos were taken in a part of Rome known as Coppedé.  The buildings are truly spectacular and worth the long bus ride.Cappedé


These set of photos are from Castel St. Angelo.  It was an old fortress that was eventually turned into a castle for the Popes.  It is definitely worth the visit!View from Saint AngeloA glimpse

The Angel

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