The Native New Yorker Takes on Rome: Pisa, Florence, and a Chocolate Fair

This weekend I finally had the opportunity to take a day trip outside of Rome.  One of my housemate and I went to go see Pisa and the wonderful city of Florence.  By far, Florence is one of my favorite places to go to.  I was also excited because I had never been to Pisa.

Going to Pisa was an interesting experience.  The only monument that I have ever really known about in Pisa is the Leaning Tower.  As a tourist I did take the cliché picture of me pushing the tower over.  Other than that Pisa is a very cute small town.  The one hidden gem of Pisa by far was the cathedral.  This is located Piazza del Duomo.  The inside and outside is some of the most impressive architecture that I have ever seen.

pisa road











Church in Pisa






Next, we headed to Florence.  Florence is one of the greatest cities in Europe! Going back there was truly an indescribable feeling.  Seeing monuments like the Palazzo Vecchio and Brunelleschi’s Dome brought literal tears to my eyes.

The magnificence the Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore was incredibly overwhelming.  The amount of detail in the show in the reliefs on the cathedral is like nothing I have ever seen.

Chiesa S.M. Novella

Finally, while we were in Florence we stopped by a chocolate fair.  As a big foodie, I felt the huge urge to go and check it out.  Let me tell you, it did not disappoint.  It was truly some of the best chocolate I have ever had.  It was a perfect complement to the perfect day.

After stopping by the Palazzo Vecchio and the Ponte Vecchio, my housemate and I grabbed some dinner and headed home. Here are some views from the Ponte Vecchio.  Hope you guys enjoyed the post! Keep reading!IMG_1213



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2 thoughts on “The Native New Yorker Takes on Rome: Pisa, Florence, and a Chocolate Fair

  1. I’m loving your blog! I’ll be studying in Italy this summer and going to a lot of the same cities so this is helping me decide which towns are an absolute MUST to go to!

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