The Native New Yorker Takes on Rome: Exploring and Adapting

Inspiration could not have hit a worse time.  In the middle of my Italian I suddenly decided I must draft a version of this blog post.  So, this blog post starts here:

So I am writing this in the middle of my Italian class.  For the past week and a half it has been nothing but Italian.  I mean you should probably expect that when you go to study abroad in Italy.  But when culture shock sets in, it’s Italian 24/7.  I am not saying this is bad thing, it can be extremely overwhelming at times.  If I am not doing my Italian homework or arguing with my Italian teacher, I am trying to have awkward conversations with the doorman who speaks no English.  Needless to say it has been interesting.  Never thought I would have such difficulty trying to explain that the fire alarm went off and there is no need to call the fire department.

But to look on the bright side, I have finally figured out how to get around.  Of this I am so proud.  My sense of direction has now completely changed.  I am no longer afraid of adventuring outside by myself.  I have begun to remember roads and where they lead to.  A.K.A. no more grid system for me.  I have become completely obsessed with finding new bakeries and cafes to hang out in.

Whenever I go to a new city, finding a place that is special is very important to me.  At school I have tiny niches where I can simply sit by myself.  A solitary place where I can sit down and do my homework or just be by myself.  These places make each place I visit seem like home.  It makes one feel as though they do belong within that culture.  In New York City it was Central Park that was my place.  I spent long hours walking in the park.

Finding your special place for me is the key to adjusting.  In order to adjust I must find a place within the city that gives me a sense of belonging.  I am no tourist, yet I am not an Italian.  I am a foreigner in a foreign city.  Sometimes it can be so isolating.  Yet, it is the small cafes and small bakeries that remind me that no matter where I go, I can make a place feel almost like home.  Although I am still adjusting to the culture I have learned one thing, that no matter where I go in the world it is my heart that is truly my home. Yes, I have to adjust my habits and try and adapt to this new country.  But, I also know who I am.  I know what I can and cannot handle.

So before I get too corny, here are some pictures of Italy so far.

scenic view

street in Rome


beauty in Rome

light at the end of the tunnel

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