Bling Ring

When does admiration turn to obsession?  That is probably the one question that was going through my mind when watching Roman and Sophia Copola’s new film, The Bling Ring.  I am sure that it is every teenager’s fantasy to hit clubs with a-list stars. But these band of teen burglars needed to have more than just a few glimpses of their idols, they needed their possessions.  Needless to say the call of materialism and popularity has proven stronger than following basic laws.

The movie begins with the entry of Rachel Bilson’s “house”.  From there the crew on the Bling Ring, Rebecca, Marc, Niki, Chloe, and Sam walking into court.  From there audiences are invited into the somewhat twisted world of the burglars.  The film covers how the whole operation started and ultimately how it ended.  Humor is scattered throughout the film adding some comediec relief to an otherwise boring movie.

Overall I was not impressed by this film.  Through half the film, the Copolas suck you into the fantasy world of these teens. Throughout the entire film we see various scenes of cocaine use, selling of stolen property, and half drunk girls swinging guns around.  Personally, I didn’t think it was bad I just thought it didn’t really have a point.  To any teen this film is more about getting what you want and looking good while doing it.  The only real thing I took away from this film was, my fashion taste was nothing compared to the costume designers for the film.  I left the theatre feeling completely unsatisfied with the movie.  Overall, I would give it a 5/10.  Maybe worth watching on a rainy day when you have nothing else better to do.

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