Food for Thought: Perfection

4e131c159678553cf37f2ee24167b8efPerfection is something that is unachievable.  It is a state of being that one can never truly reach.  Everyone is always fighting for perfection in their life. And I am no exception.  Like millions of people in the world, I try my hardest to make things just the way I think they should be.    We all go to extreme lengths just to make sure that maybe we can make ourselves into the perfect human beings.  But like I said, that is totally unachievable.  I find that it’s sad in modern-day society and pop culture that we try to convince girls to be “perfect”. Photo’s of anorexic models on magazine covers and countless articles telling us how to get the perfect beach body.  I have found that most girls are under pressure to have the right body, the right face, the right genetics..ect. But let’s get real, at the end of the day we always find something wrong with ourselves.

Recently I started trying to take control of my life.  I felt that I was a young adult who needed to start contributing to the world.  I wanted to be the child who knew what she wanted and where she wanted to go.  I wanted to be perfect.  But, I am slowly starting realizing that I have no idea what I want and I a certainly not perfect.  So that is why I chose this quote for tonight’s post.  I wanted to make a public declaration that I am not perfect.  To remind myself and other people that nothing in this world is perfect.  The only goal you can have is to become the best person you can be. Don’t hold yourself to the impossible notion of perfection.  Take life as it comes your way.  Try and enjoy it, even when the going gets tough.


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One thought on “Food for Thought: Perfection

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