Lucid Tribes

Over the past days I have felt that I’m losing myself lately.  As of lately, I feel as though I am not satisfied with anything I do.  No matter what there seems to be something weighing.  This is no way to live.  So I opened my copy of this months Nylon and started looking at different bands.  After some time searching around on youtube, I found this awesome rock bandTribes.  Maybe it’s the dreamy voice of the lead singer or the mellow guitar strings, but tonight’s band hits a cord for any free spirits out there.

The band is composed of four members, Johnny Lloyd, Jim Cratchley, Dan White and Miguel Demelo.  How the band originally came together is unknown, but they all originated from London.  They released their first EP, We Were Children, in April 2011.  Their popularity grew within the United Kingdom, earning them “the Hottest Record in the World” by BBC Radio 1.  They have released one album, two EPs, and three singles.  They are currently recording their second album in LA.

After listening to a lot of music over my break, I think Tribes’ sound is unique compared to many rock bands.  Much of their music is classified as chill and indy-rock.  This might be due to their influences of Nirvana, R.E.M., The Pixies and The Pavement.  My favorite song by them is Coming of Age.  Some of the lyrics are cliché  but sometimes it just the words you need to hear.  The guitar is smooth but somehow raw enough to make stop and listen.  That seems to be the trend, the band is sensitive but still has the rawness of any great rock band.

Coming of Age- Tribes

Alone of With Friends- Tribes

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