Tired of Playing by Rules

Sometimes the feeling of the world is on your shoulders.  The feeling that everyone around you is playing by a game that you have no interest in playing in. Maybe it is the stress of applying to colleges or life in general, but do you ever feel like you could do more, to be more?  ultimately in order to do that you must change the game and the rules.  So tonight I am going through some of the aspects that make me want to change the game:

Movies: Crossfire hurricane

In all cliché rebellion, you always turn to The Rolling Stones for some raw teenage rebellion .  So flipping through channels I saw a movie centered around the rise of the infamous band.  It was amazing.  I never gave them much attention to the Stones until now.  Through interviews and behind the scene moments, the Stones became even more infamous in my mind.  Highly recommend this movie


Recently I have been in the mode to change up my fashion sense.  I’m tired of playing safe when it comes to dressing up.  So what better way to spice things up with some bold colors and creative patterns.  I logged onto http://www.pixiemarket.com/.  Their stuff was extremely edgy with the right kind of clean cut look.  Combining different designers, the end result is an accumulation of vivid colors, nicely cut shirts and bottoms and bold patterns.  It is the perfect site to find that top that can make a statement.








Music: Chambermaid Swing Parov Stelar

With a new attitude and new look, you need a song to have a good time.  So what better way then a swing.  In Parov Stelar’s new song, the musician manages to make the jazzy music, into an edgy dance party.  So get into party mode and swing like it’s 1920.  Cause if this song has no limits neither do you.


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