A Washed Out Winter Sun

Can you believe it!  Winter is practically here.  The best part about that is obviously getting to wake up with sunshine, thanks to daylight savings.  Under all the fun times and weather crisis’, I’m kind of blue.  Mostly stressed by the upcoming results of the presidential election, I needed a new kick-start to get me through the week.  I surprisingly found it in my dance class.  We were doing these attitude swings, to this really chill song.  So tonight’s song is New Theory by Washed Out.

This über chill music, is created by Earnest Greene. After graduating from college, Greene returned back to his home state of Georgia.  There he began to produce some of his music and post it on his Myspace account.  As time went on music bloggers began to take notice.  Soon he released his first EP in August and September 2009.  In 2011 he signed with Sub Hop and released his first album, Within and Without.

I would definitely classify his music as chill pop.  The most interesting characteristic is the use of intricate synths and beats.  The synths add a texture of calmness but with a bit of a grunge-rebel feeling beat to it.  Greene’s voice also adds another element of fun.  Slightly nazeley, it adds a more fun melody to the song.  The best way to describe the song, is the feeling you get looking out the window while drinking steaming hot chocolate, on a cold winter’s day.  Ya it’s that perfect :p. Definitely keep an eye out for this artist!

New Theory- Washed Out

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