One Good Deed Day 3: “Independent minds need Independent Bookstores”

So if you have not already guessed today’s good deed was to go visit an independent bookstore. Lucky for me I am a thousand miles inland from an kind chain store (including Starbucks). I say this with happiness and not annoyance.

After finishing Cloud Atlas by Dave Mitchell, I knew that I needed to find a new book to keep me satisfied for one more week. I finally plucked up my courage and went for a bike ride into town with my sister. Due to the total ignorance of my sisters athletic endurance (which is pretty low, even she can confess to that) and the little knowledge I have on mountain bikes, I thought it would be breeze. I was sorely mistaken when, after riding on a bumpy mile-long sandy road, my sister’s complaints of naseua and fatigue grew more forceful. So eventually we stopped to grab some water.

I was particularly put off by this because we hadn’t even gotten half way ad she already was complaining. Needless to say she got angry at me and started calling me selfish for not understanding her needs. She kept going on, ” Who act this way?” In which I replied under my breath, “you”. In the next few minutes or so she went to the bathroom to puke so we that decided she would go back with my mom, while I would continue the “taxing” journey into town. At that point I was so done dealing with my sister I started crying out of frustration. Later rather than sooner, my mom came and help my sister load the bike and let me choke out some sobs discretely. Then my mother wisely suggested I continue into town and get some, “book therapy.” Let me tell you readers nothing is more healing than the power of bookstores

I finally made it into town and was all the more glad to see the independent bookstore Bunch of Grapes. Upon stepping into the doorway, I felt the immediate relief of book therapy. As I was looking around I asked one of the cashiers in they had any book reccomendations, hopefully something that would make me laugh a bit. Nothing was really doing the trick, until my mother suggested reading a David Mcallough book that looked the same size of my Les Misreables book sitting at home. At the end of the day I picked out two books that were to be added to long, long, long (not exagerating or joking it’s really long) list of books to read. To add to the therapy, the store had free bookmarks that read, “Independent minds need independent stores.” I have to say I felt a lot better going to a bookstore that did not have everything I wanted. Sometimes life just doesn’t work that way. We don’t always get what we want, when we want. So that was my good deed for the week. Hopefully more deeds will have more eventful stories and people to meet. Keep reading to find out.

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