One Good Deed Day 2: Bake Something for Your Family

So lately I have had this weird impulse to bake something. Granted most people usually have impulses to bake, but for me it has been kind of like an obsession. I had plan for a few weeks now to make something really nice.  My first plan was to make these great peach cobbler scones ( someone else’s recipe) but  couldn’t get myself to get everything together because life and SATs kept getting in the way. But now that I have a week off so naturally I kept thinking ‘hey why not make something nice.”
So I checked out this unique baking blog (Joy the baker).  I’m telling you this site is great!  A woman started the blog and just continually bakes all these interesting and unique foods.   Among those recipes called , Dark Chocolate, pishachio, and smoked sea salt cookies.  I couldn’t see any reason not to make them.  So I made a grocery list and then my good deed was almost completed.

So I finally finished my cookies (see photo on top).  Though they weren’t as beautiful as in the recipe’s photos, they were edible and delicious (which really counts).  All in all, my family liked them.  But what really mattered was that I was proud of myself.  I felt good to bake and create something on your own for once. It also is nice to start from scratch and create something that everyone can enjoy.   I enjoyed the experience and hope I can bake more during the year.  I highly recommend these cookies, except they tend to be a little salty. But hey, a little salt ever hurt anyone.  Keep reading to find out what this week’s good deed is.

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2 thoughts on “One Good Deed Day 2: Bake Something for Your Family

  1. Give me one!:D It looks so delicious…

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