Little Things Make a Difference

Today, on my daily run three unusual things happened.  First, I saw Ashely Green right where I run.  This just made me so happy cause I not one not one to say that I saw movie stars very often.  The second event, was when I was walking back, this one man I was walking behind had this amazing shirt that I love.  If you can’t see it it says “I can’t stand to accelerate I ride a recumbent”

That just made my day cause it’s nice to know someone else favors biking (maybe not the same type of biking that I’m thinking of, but it’s biking none the less).  The second thing that happened was that I bumped into one of the tenants in my building.  I thought it was really cool that I could just come up to him (I don’t know his name) and have a conversation with him.  But, it made me start to think, if he put a little happiness in my life how much happiness can I put in other’s life?

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot of this notion.  I saw this book at Urban Outfitters that had to do with random acts of kindness. I mean we all feel good after doing something nice for someone.  Even talking to someone you don’t can make the difference between this day was borderline crappy or a good day.  So my challenge is to continue this role.

How will I do this?


So what I was thinking was to make this a blogging project.  Basically each day there is one good deed a day.  Once I actually buy the book, I fully intend to finish the book and write about all my experiences.  if you guys have any comments please post and keep reading it should be fun to read.

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