MoonRise Kingdom Setting the Tone for Summer

In the city when summer is calling so, so are the new movies.  So on this wonderful lazy Saturday I went to see the new indie flick MoonRise Kingdom.  The film is centered around two nine-year-old boy and girl living on a island know as New Penzence.  A khaki scout,  Sam (the little boy) runs away to find his love Susy Bishop.  Together they run away and a chase ensues including the island police (Bruce Willis) , Susy’s dysfunctional parents (played by Bill Murray and Francis McDormand) and the Chief Scout Master (Edward Norton).  Along the way they renages get ensnared if scout battles, avoiding social service workers (Tilda Swinton) and utimatley being married by a fellow scout master (Jason Schwartzman).

Altogether I thought the movie was cute.  The movie had this odd charm to it.  The set was pratical and the script was clean and cut.  I thought it was one of the most original films I have seen all summer!  Both Susy and Sam make quite the pair and for their age they are pretty smart.  I was surprised by the heartwarming moments between Edward Norton and Bruce Willis.  And of course I enjoyed the humor!  All around it made a good movie!

Rating: 10 Go see it!!!

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