Lost and Found Making Me a Bit adventurous

All this week I have had a weird sense of adventure.  Though it’s been raining after I am pumped to go play and be carefree.   But as always one must consult a loyal companion… my Ipod.  As I was looking a the list I found I song I had just downloaded and have been listening to it non stop.  So tonight’s artist is Kate Herzig.  As I kept listening to the song I began to feel getting pumped to face the impossible.

So as I was ready to face the impossible/blog about it, I looked her up and guess what… she’s a grammy artist!  She was originally born in California but grew up in Fort Collins, Colorado.  She also attended UC Boulder (I really want to got there).  At her time in Boulder she formed a band named Homecomer after recieving an acoustic guitar from her father her senior year.  After playing with them for a few years she began her solo career.  After releasing her first album Watch them Fall TV show such as Grey’s Anatomy and Smallville started using her music on their shows.  Coincidentally I had found tonight’s song, Lost and Found from MTV’s Mob Wives.  Most of her music is influence by folk and a little bit of pop.

This song is great for getting yourself pumped up.  The begginning reminds me alot of Freelance Whale’s Generator. As the song progresses with lyrics a mellow beat comes in and Katie’s strong yet quiet voice ensues.  The lyrics are a little ambiguous but some how leave the listener relating to the words.  The best is in the chorus.  In the chorus we got some synthesizers with some big beats in the back and the inspirational melody.  Basically at the end of this you will feel like going outside and run three miles.  She’s a great singer and I highly reccommend this song to anyone who ever needs a booster it’s right here:

Lost and found- Katie Herzig


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