Isn’t it just better when your Free?

For most New Yorkers Spring Break is in full bloom.  With that being said I found a artist/song has the appropriate sound and style.  Tonight’s band is a indy rocking British duo.  Now tonight’s song is all about being free and having fun with no strings attached.

For the occassion tonight’s artist is Graffiti6.  If any of you are familiar with MTV then you have probably already heard some of his music, including tonight’s song Free.  To give a little backround, this group is actually a duo.  The British lead vocalsJamie Scott and the producer/songwriter Tommy “D” Danvers joined forces in London in 2008.  After meeting and creating song multi-instrumentalist music, Jamie introduced “the folk thing”.  After experimenting they finally created a new sound with their track Stare into the Sun.  Since then their songs won recognition on commercials and MTV.

Tonight’s song is Free.  Even from the funky acoustic guitar entrance to the smooth jazzy vocals. The song lives up to it’s title.  The refreshing base and funky guitar strings makes me feel as though the summer never left.  And may I just say, what a voice Jamie Scott has.  This song reminds me of and ice cold drink on a rather hot summer day.  If your fan of blues, summer music, and jazz you should download this song and put it on repeat:

Free- Graffiti6

Stare into the Sun- Graffiti6

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