Coeur de pirate

So now that I am officially off of school I’m excited to be blogging again. Now to celebrate the arrival of spring I thought we would have a cute song. Tonight’s song is all in French so don’t worry if you don’t understand. So without further adue here is tonight’s band Coeur de pirate
Tonight’s singer goes under the name of Coeur de pirate but her real name is . At the age of three years old she started playing the piano and later became a keyboardist in and band at the age of fifteen. After briefly playing in Bonjour Brumaire, she released her first album under the name of Coeur de pirate. She went on to win the Francophone Album of the year award in 2009.
So tonight’s song is really kind of fun. The most notable aspect of the song is the keyboard and the upbeat feeling. It also has a great little ensemble in the back that really adds to the song. The singing is also really great. In my opinion the French accent also kind of adds to easy going. I can’t really explain this song without doing it justice. So here the video for you guys to decide:

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