Arkells bringing in a relaxed weekend

This week had been absolutely crazy.  On top of ridiculously long history assignments I’m completely totaled.  So natural I’m looking forward to an calming weekend (not likely).  And to help me bring in the weekend is today’s band Arkells.  A few weeks I found a acoustic version of one of their songs and was to lazy to look them up. But, as I was browsing through Nylon blogs I saw that they also liked some of their songs which finally pushed me to write this.

So who are the Arkells?  Well they are a Canadian rock band originally from Ontario.  The consist of five (all original band members) Max Kerman, Mike DeAngelis, Anthony Carone,Nick Dika and Tim Oxford. In 2006 Dine Alone Records.  In 2009 the band also won CASBY award for best new artist.  Since then they have been raising their profile and touring with other bands.

I cannot tell you how much I needed a band like this.    Their song Bookclub is refreshing.  Whenever I listen to it I feel as though I am jumping through an ice cold swimming pool on a hot summer day.  I know it’s cheasy but it’s totally true.  The guitar and drums is so smooth and oddly calming.  Not to mention the lead singers voice goes perfectly with the sound.  Of course the occasional obvious accent can also be added as plus.  This song is perfect for anyone looking for a smooth rock sound with out being bored.  So here is the aucoustic version and the rock version of the Arkell’s Bookclub:

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2 thoughts on “Arkells bringing in a relaxed weekend

  1. Not on dine alone anymore. Guess that means profile raised hahahaha

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