The Kooks and the young folks

By now I feel like most of my friends have started to turn British media. When I say media I mean music, tv shows, and books. Now I don’t mean this in a bad way cause without the glorious UK there would be no Skins, Mifits, and todays artist, The Kooks.

Now many have probably already heard of The Kooks, but have you heard the of their new cover of Peter Bjorn and John– Young Folk. If you aren’t familiar with this song just think way back to the first episode of Gossip Girl. If you can’t remember of didn’t see it that is totally ok to. Well the Kooks is an English Indy band or from Brighton. Most of all the members are still present this includes, Luke Pritchard (vocals/guitar), Hugh Harris (lead guitar), Paul Garred (drums), and Max Rafferty (bass guitar). Although in 2008 Rafferty left the band, replaced by Peter Denton. These self proclaimed “pop” stars draw most of their inspiration from the British invasion in the 1950s and the post punk revival. So of their songs have been described as “catchy as hell”. In 2006 these artists manage to pick up a nomination at the Brit Awards for their single She moves in her own way.
So tonight’s sing is actually a cover that they preformed. In the Kook’s fashion, the intro starts with some smooth blend of guitars. I the background the female singer also adds to the intro her own little variation of the song. Then Pritchard comes in with his voice. Both singers in the sing create the best possible re-creation of the song. Unfortunately the female voice is unknown.  Pritchard’s rugged and slightly off tune voice adds to the covers 50’s age sound.   I do have to say, I miss the whistling in the begginning. But in the end the Kooks give the song a more upbeat and “poppy” sound.  Ultimately the song is great if you need a song to get lost in.

young folks- Peter Bjon and John

Young folks– the kooks

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