It’ no ordinary winter its Zulu’s Winter

After a long two nights of hanging with friends a going to sleep way to late I finally found a song that I wanted to blog about.   I thought this song would be perfect due because it’s been somewhat of a weird winter.  By weird winter I mean the spring like weather and the very little snow we have gotten :(.  So the best band that was fitting my mood was a indy british band Zulu Winter.

This five piece indy band is the british version of Vampire Weekend.  The band has five members, Will Daunt (vocals & guitar), Iain Lock (bass), Dom Millard (keyboards), Henry Walton (guitar) and Guy Henderson (drums).  In 2011 after playing their first single “Never Leave” of BBC radio, their popularity sky rocketed.  Their newest single “We Should Be  Swimming” is now Zane Lowes Hottest Record in the World on BBC.  They have also had mentions in magazines such as Q and

Like I said before these guys sound like the British version of Vampire Weekend.  But, unlike the Vampire Weekend, their sound is al little more edgy and a tad darker.   The guitars in most of their songs blend amazingly well with the keyboards.  Though i am not a huge fan of the guitar, I feel the clean drum beat and Will Daunt’s voice adds more character to the band.  But like most indy bands they have a roughness to them which I kind of like. All in all Zulu winter is the anthem to slow paced winters (aka this winter).   To show you what I mean, here are some music video’s by them:

Lets Move back to front: Zulu Winter

We Should be swimming: Zulu Winter

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