Teens will just be teens

So I’m writing this post for any teenager out there. See a a junior in high school I’ve sacrificed a lot of time spending time on studying. As the end of the term came to pass I realized that I just wanted to be a kid again. In doing so I found some great music to help me release my inner partier. Because I have been so bad about blogging lately(probably tired of hearing my excuses), I’m going to make it up. So for the entire week I am a song a day/Barron’s info you want to know, that make you wanna rock out and just have some careless fun. This playlist is dedicated to those who spend some time of their lives acting, dancing, or whatever being a child.
1. Teenagers-feeling better
the teenagers

The first song is is a French synths pop band. They were originally founded as a joke. But after their first song homecoming they reached a different kind of popularity. A lot of their songs have some good guitar set against some awesome synths. I specifically chose this song for a reason. I have to say whenever I listen to it I want to find an old abandoned house somewhere and throw a really big party. Not only is the music great but the weird lyrics and the odd vocals make any lonesome/outsider teen feel as thou they are going to have s rocking, cause who there for you were your cold and alone. The Teenagers!!! So download this song call up some friends and forget your problems.

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