Fixers fixing up my mood

This week I really needed a picker upper.  This goes for anyone who just wants the weekend to come as fast a possible.  Well I’ve got two great pieces of information for you 1) It’s Wednesday and we’re almost their 2) Fixers have finally entered into your life to make it all better.  Fixers  is an experimental/ physdelic pop band.  To add to the sunshine they bring, the band includes 5 awesome british hipsters.  The members are Jack Goldstein (vocals, keyboards), Jason Waner, Christopher Dawson (guitar), Roo Bhasin (guitar), and Michael Thompson.  Finally they were awarded 2011 Oxford Band of the Year by BBC.

If any of you like Passion Pit or MGMT then you might like this band.  They have the same high spirit sound and dreamy muffled noise sound.  They have a wonderful dreamy sound.  Jack Goldstiens voice perfectly blends the quirkiness of the band.  My two favorite songs are Majesties Ranch and  their recent video Iron Deer Dream.  If you want to hear more of their music check out their website at  Also make sure to catch their new tour with the Kaiser Chiefs.

Majesties Ranch: Fixers


Iron Deer Dream: Fixers

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