Uber Chill Playlist

I am all excited to say that we have a three day weekend.  If your like me and need a serious break from stress then this playlist is for you.  Here are some extremely chill songs to on repeat.

Nothing Like You and I- The Perishers

These guys are a swedish indy rock band.  This song is kind of lazy and cute to listen to.

Rescue Song (RAC Remix)- Mr. Little Jeans:

This song is perfect for lazy mornings and I-feel-like-staying-in-my-pajamas-feeling.  The sound is clean and chic and reminds me of a clear morning with the sun shining through the curtains.

Keep the lights on- Wave Machines:

This song makes for a good funky morning.  The beat is awesome and the tune is spunky but not way to spunky.

Something or nothing- Pale Seas:

This song is the chillest of all the songs.  I has a soothing tone and a chimes to add to the euphoria it creates.

Breaking AwayRatatat:

Ratatat uses more beats, but in it’s own weird way you can listen and find yourself at ease.

The Sea Of Cortez – Telephonic:

This is perfect to listen to first thing in the morning!


Hoped you guys liked this and have an awesome weekend!

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One thought on “Uber Chill Playlist

  1. Wow, “Keep The Lights On” is great!
    Glad I discovered Wave Machines. Thanks!

    – Joyce

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