Late Night Remixes

So my blogging consistency has seemed to be a little slow these days I’m bringing you some good old remixes!

*beware in the third remix some strong use of language


Before I begin on the first remix let give you the song that is being remixed.  The singers in the back round is The Bravery.  If you don’t know them already have no fear cause after this post your going to love them.   The remixer(s) are Eddy D and Tim Gunter.  Though I’m not a huge fan of remixes this one is pretty good.  The took a small portion of time won’t let me go  and made it into a rap song.  Just in case you were worried I’m posting both the bravery and the remix just for you!  Tell what you guys think and rate it!


The bravery- Time won’t let me go






Now on to the second remix.  This remix you have to familiar with Semisonic.  They were known more in the 90’s and for their song Closing TimeThe Five One (british rapper and I’m guessing his pals) decided to give the song a new look. The rap is not as great as it could be but I like the added guitar notes and the vocals.


Semisonic- closing time

Closing time- the five one

So the last remix is one that brings in old players.  If any of you know Brenton Duvall then you know what I’m talking about.  This one also has Closing Time, but with Biggie Smalls rapping.  I have say I like this remix a lot more than the second.  Since I’ve already posted semisonic here is Brenton Duvall’s Time for what you want.


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