Hospital Ship bringing aid to the winter

Still Life with Ramona, 2008 in Photos by

    Guys! The winter weather has finally come.  After having a reletively warm winter I’m starting to have hope fro a snow day!!  So you share my enthusiasm with all of you I picked a really great song to write about.  Today’s song/ artist of the moment  is Kanas native Hospital Ships.  I am somewhat sad to say that there is little information on this one of a kind band.  From what I can gather the founder and the sole muscian is Jordan Greiger.  Before venturing off into a solo career, John was the trumpeter for Sherwater and main songwriter for Minus Story.  After completing an extensive indy-rock resume he began to work on his solo career.   His first album he recorded was Oh, Ramona.  He has gone on to record a few more albums.

    Today’s song comes from another album called Lonely Twin.  First thing I noticed was the interesting title of the song, Love or Death.  I listened to the first 30 seconds of the song and it reminded me of The Beatles.  The most interesting part of the song is the melody is really simple and sounds like it came out of a 60’s.   The lyrics are interesting but sometimes I get really confused listening to them. So after spending time looking the lyrics up(I couldn’t find them due to the fact that the album isn’t out yet)   I am sad to say I can’t give you a decision right now.  But don’t fret! I am posting the audio in order for you guys to judge for yourself:

I hope you are all having a wonderful week.  till next time!

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