REWIND: Girls on Film


Tonight’s post is a little random and somewhat overdue.  As I was watching the various Christmas commercials/terrible jingles H&M’s Girl’s on Films came on. For the past few months I have been obsessing over that song!  I finally told myself that I really needed the 20 second song on my ipod. But then the plot thickens… I learned that it was a remake (I should’ve known).

The original song was recorded by Duran Duran in the 80’s.  I usually bash remakes trying to encourage people to support the original artists.  But I’m having a really hard time convincing my self which version of Girls on film is better.  I like Duran Duran’s version because it they made their own sound.  On the other hand, the newer version is just as catchy.  It has a sleek sound that could make anyone feel like a supermodel.  So I think I’ll leave this one up to you guys.  Here are both versions.  Hopefully you guys can comment on which you prefer:

Girls on film-Duran Duran

Girls on film- H&M version


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